Jodi Towns, Transition Manager

Jodi's career in healthcare and concierge medicine began in 2011. As Director of Practice Development for a private concierge company in Scottsdale, AZ, Jodi utilized her strategic thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills to implement and deliver a consistent year over year 30% growth pattern, well above national statistics. This role allowed Jodi to interact with prospective patients and the community to educate and share how concierge medicine could serve them with its unique personalized care model.

Jodi's ability to build strategic partnerships, connect the right people, and build long-lasting relationships, led her to organize national healthcare networking events for physicians and other medical professionals and an annual Medical and Healthcare Expo attended by the public in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She continues to be sought out for her brand marketing expertise and efficient administrative management in Concierge/Direct Pay Model medical practices.

Before joining Cypress, Jodi was introduced to Julie Robinson, CEO of Cypress, in 2013. Keeping an eye on Cypress and its growing success, she reached out to see if she could bring her unique skill set and knowledge of concierge medicine to the company. Cypress was fortunate to add Jodi to its team back in July of 2020.

 Jodi spends her free time with family and friends. She also enjoys gardening, paddle boarding, and all types of fitness.

Michael Murray Concierge Doctor