Steven Cox

Steven is the owner, operator and CEO of a large swine/farming operation located in North Central Kansas.  A third generation farmer, Steven began raising pigs and helping with his family’s farm at an early age.   Due to the untimely death of his father, Steven found himself as manager of the family farm in his early twenties.  Steven was instrumental in expanding and growing the operation so that all seven of his siblings had opportunity to be involved with the farming operation if they desired.    After the death of his mother in 1972, the farming operation was divided up and Steven used his share to begin his current operation.

Taking the 470 acres and 400 sows that he received in the division, he now has swine operations of over 8,000 sows and markets 175, 00 finisher hogs per year.  The farming operation consists of over 4,000 acres of corn/soybean crops that complement the swine operation.  A conservationist at heart, Steven was one of the first to implement no-till farming into his operations and also one of the first to irrigate from the affluent created by the swine operation.   His forward thinking leadership and readiness to embrace new and innovative technology have put his 10 business entities in the forefront of the agriculture industry.

Steven has been involved in his community and church throughout his lifetime.    He has previously served as President of the Kansas Pork Producers Board for three years.  He has also served on many national pork producer committees, water advisory boards, the local Coop board, community development boards, bank advisory board and on the advisory board for a large accounting firm.   Serving as trustee of his church board, he helped oversee building projects and many other related activities.   He has been recognized as a leader in the agriculture community receiving many awards for pork production and farming practices. 

Married for 16 years to his wife Connie, their blended family includes 7 children and 19 grandchildren.  Faith, Family, and Farming are all part of their activities and an integral part of the company’s mission statement.  As a family they enjoy many sporting events, family vacations and time spent together.

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