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Your Practice: Redefined


Why Membership Medicine?

Partner with Cypress and enjoy:

  • Stabilized Revenue Stream
  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Reduced patient load averaging 8-12 appointments per day
  • Increased levels of patient satisfaction
  • More time for personal or professional development
  • Training on post-conversion best practices for maintaining and growing your membership panel

Why Cypress?

What does Cypress offer me during transition:

  • Complete patient education including letters, phone calls, and meetings
  • Dedicated transition specialist and transition manager
  • Transition marketing materials
  • Handling of patient inquiries and applications
  • Staff training to understand member


Cypress has assembled a diversified team of experts from all aspects of concierge-based medical practices. We provide all the direction, marketing, sales, ongoing legal review, and overall support that you’ll need. Cypress is committed to making the transition of your medical practice a complete success. Cypress does not own or manage your medical practice; we partner with you to provide a formal strategy and guidance to transition your practice.

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