Meet I. Douglas Jackson, M.D.

Where did you earn your degree and describe your experience?

Born and raised in South Alabama, I graduated with a BS degree with honors in Biology and minors in English and Psychology from the University of Alabama. I earned my Internal Medicine degree from the University of South Alabama Medical College. After graduating in 1983, I completed my Internal Medicine internship and residency at the University of South Alabama. I have held numerous positions at Flower’s Hospital including serving as the Chief of Staff. Additionally, I have been a member of the American College of Physicians since 1984, as well as a member of the State of Alabama Medical Association. 

What is your philosophical belief about the practice of medicine?

My philosophy is to treat each patient as I would one of my own family members. Patients continue to need and want direction; they are looking for help in addressing their health concerns. I feel my role as their physician is to address these concerns, as well as other ongoing medical needs, with individualized treatment strategies.

How has the current healthcare model hindered you from practicing medicine?

Unfortunately, the existing healthcare model has failed to allow physicians to continue in the present paradigm. The current barriers; extensive paperwork, dealing with insurance companies, focusing on computers, rules and guidelines (with no patient benefit), have all hindered the delivery of care.

What do you hope your patients will experience/feel joining your membership-style practice?

As a result of having more time, patients will have greater access with a stronger emphasis on prevention. My goal is to provide more flexible scheduling, same day or next day appointments, as well as an advocate who is readily available to address questions and concerns. I am excited to partner with each patient to ease the encumbrances that we currently deal with and transform their healthcare.

What is your favorite quote?

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.  Don’t look out only for your own interest but take an interest in others, too.” Paul – Philippians 2

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Patient Testimonial

"I have always felt important and well-cared for by Dr. Jackson.  I'm not just a chart to him, but a detailed and complex human being.  He is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable and most importantly, caring.  I am truly fortunate to call him my physician!" 

Concierge Medicine Philosophy & Approach

We believe that medicine today should focus on prevention, early detection, wellness, direct patient care and spending dedicated time with patients. These are the tenets of concierge medicine. After years of private practice, physicians who transition to concierge medicine get to return to giving patients the type of care they envisioned when entering medical school. Learn More

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