Meet Lance Hamilton, M.D.


I grew up in a little town in Southeast Oklahoma 2 hours south of here. I chose to be a physician when I was 14. I lost my grandfather was 5 years old, and then later lost my grandmother when I was 11. Losing these 2 people had a profound effect on my life. All I have ever wanted to do since that time is practice medicine.

What helped make your decision to transition to concierge medicine?

I want to spend more time with my patients. I can't do that and keep up with all the paperwork and data entry. I would rather take care of fewer patients and spend more time with them than try to keep up with the demands of the government and insurance companies. I will have to change how I charge for my services simply because I will go broke trying to see fewer with more care.

What are some instances where your relationship with patients made a significant difference?

There are too many to list. Where I have had a long, deep relationship with patients, I have been able to make a diagnosis more quickly OVER THE PHONE than I ever could have otherwise. Time after time a deeper, long-term relationship has helped me diagnose something quickly that has kept a patient out of the hospital.

Patient Testimonial

"Lance and his staff are excellent and responsive to all my cares and concerns about my and my family's health. They are always concerned about any issues and problems. I have and will continue to recommend them."

Concierge Medicine Philosophy & Approach

We believe that medicine today should focus on prevention, early detection, wellness, direct patient care and spending dedicated time with patients. These are the tenets of concierge medicine. After years of private practice, physicians who transition to concierge medicine get to return to giving patients the type of care they envisioned when entering medical school. Learn More

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