Meet Suzanne F. Turner, M.D.

Background & Education

  • First studied to be an English professor
  • Emergency Room
    Hiawassee, GA
  • Solo practice owner
  • Study Functional Medicine


  • Vegetable gardening
  • Spending time with husband and children
  • Running & weight lifting
  • Avid Podcast listener and YouTube learner
  • Cooking
  • Lake time
  • Worshiping 
  • SEC football fan

Why did you decide to become a concierge physician?

I decided to become a concierge physician because I need more time with patients to get all the details and to teach lifestyle change to “360 Wellness”. I want the ability to work with patients who are committed to their health and take it seriously.

So much of my decision was centered on ‘time’… I’m tired of not having enough time to explain to every patient in detail the results of their lab tests or imaging studies and I’m tired of not knowing what happens to the patient after they leave my office. I simply don’t have time after 10-12 hour days to call the specialist and have a discussion. I’m tired of running behind and feeling as though we give poor customer service because I’m spending more than my ‘allotted time’ with a patient who needs it. And, I don’t want to be dependent on the insurance companies who don’t necessarily have the patient’s best interest in mind. My patients are extremely important to me and I know that with a membership based personalized healthcare model, I will have that time to be able to help them achieve even better results!

Favorite Quote

“Let me savor that which nourishes my body that I might offer life to the fullest for myself as well as others” Life of the Body, Hess and Arnold

Patient Testimonial

"I've never had a doctor take the time and interest in my health that Dr. Turner does. She just doesn't deal with the physical, but the mental and spiritual as well and that is so refreshing."

Concierge Medicine Philosophy & Approach

We believe that medicine today should focus on prevention, early detection, wellness, direct patient care and spending dedicated time with patients. These are the tenets of concierge medicine. After years of private practice, physicians who transition to concierge medicine get to return to giving patients the type of care they envisioned when entering medical school. Learn More

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