What is Membership Medicine?

(noun) - Leading physicians giving more time and attention to patients as a result of smaller patient panels designed to develop enhanced relationships and long-term personalized wellness plans.

Cypress' personalized healthcare model is a revolutionary model of medical practice that puts the patient at the center of the healthcare experience.

Patients pay an annual fee to their physicians in return for program services, which includes:

  • an annual private checkup regardless of medical condition or necessity
  • enhanced health guidance
  • electronic communication connection with your physician regarding your health information or data
  • assistance with using that data more effectively toward achieving health goals identified based on your annual private checkup. 

In addition to program services, there are incidental conveniences associated with program membership. Your physician is no longer dependent on plan-controlled care, so your office visits may be unhurried.

With the private checkup implementation, you will enjoy same day/next day communication. You will also have easy, direct communication with your physician via personal cell phone or email for questions related to healthcare education, patient healthcare support, diet, nutrition, and fitness education goals not covered by your plan. These benefits arise from your physician detaching from plan reimbursement dependence and are enabled by your private fee investment in your health.