Patients and their Membership-Based Doctors

You visit your doctor’s office. The doctor is not rushed and is happy to see you. All of your health concerns are addressed and you are given proactive steps to reaching your health goals. Sound good? We think so, too.

What are the patient benefits of membership medicine? 

  • An annual, regardless of medical condition or necessity, medical examination or physical checkup (“Private Checkup”). 
  • Enhanced health guidance and electronic communication connection with physician regarding patient health information or data.
  • Assistance with using that data more effectively toward achieving health goals identified during the annual Private Checkup.

Also, as a result of the physician having a smaller patient panel, in addition to the Program Services, patients may experience;

  • Increased availability including, in some cases, doctor's cell phone number and email address.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments. House calls are also available when necessary.
  • Minimal time in the waiting room. 
  • Appointments routinely start on time.
  • Patient healthcare support regarding diet, nutrition, and fitness goals that may not be covered by patient's plan.

Why do physicians partner with Cypress?

Like membership medicine, Cypress takes a “membership” approach with its affiliated doctors. Cypress tailors its approach based on the individual doctor. There are several distinct differences for those physicians who partner with Cypress. For example;

  • Patients remain the physician's patients.
  • Physicians earn more as the Cypress fee structure is much more palatable.
  • The Cypress term is much shorter than its competitors.
  • No restrictive covenants within your Cypress agreement terms.
  • Proven track record of successful transitions.
  • Satisfied affiliated physicians across the country.
  • Ongoing legal and regulatory oversight.
  • And, many other benefits.


Personalized Wellness Plan & Health Coaching

Your physician is dedicated to creating a proactive course of action to help you maintain or improve a healthy lifestyle today and in the future.


This will be an in-depth session for your coach to get to know you, find out your history and discover your goals. Several additional tests will be given to complement those given in the initial executive physical.


Your physician will use your test results and goals to develop your plan. A customized eating plan and exercise recommendations will be core components.

Tool Kit

You will have access to information, tips and more to help you. A follow-up plan will also be set as accountability is a major factor for success and provides an opportunity to make plan adjustments.


Should medical specialists be required as part of your patient care, your physician will make referrals to the best qualified physicians most capable of addressing your needs.

Contact Us to Learn More

Please contact us to schedule an informational conversation at your convenience. We encourage you to come in to review our personalized healthcare program with our patient liaison, committed to helping you with all of your nonclinical concerns.