What does a membership practice look like? How do patients benefit?

A typical membership practice operates at a much different pace than a traditional primary care practice. Membership patients are greeted to a much less crowded waiting room where coffee and refreshments are available. After signing in, you will proceed to your exam room with little or no wait time, and the appointment will start promptly.

With a longer period of time scheduled for each office visit, there is ample time for you and your membership-based doctor to talk about the issue at hand, follow up on your wellness plan, and discuss other concerns that may be of concern.

But that’s not all, here are some of the other ways a membership practice is different from what you’re used to…

Increased access to your physician

You’ll have greater peace of mind when you have increased access to your physician, including, in some cases, the doctor's cell phone number and email address. 

Same-day or next-day appointment

You will be a priority, and your time with the doctor will not be rushed. House or office calls are also available when medically necessary.

Annual enhanced wellness physical

This in-depth physical provides the foundation to allow your physician to give you the best possible health care and establish your personal follow up wellness plan.

Referral Planning

Coordinating specialist and referral treatment as needed. Your physician will act as the ‘medical home’ of all your health care needs.

Patient Healthcare Support

Support related to healthcare education, diet, nutrition, and fitness education goals not covered by your plan.