Actual Cypress Patient Testimonials

“Having been a very satisfied patient for many years I can say the membership practice is even better and provides a more personal level of care and attention. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful, making my visit less stressful and more productive.”

“My Cypress Membership Physician is a great person and doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked. I HAVE recommended him to my friends. He is so attentive, has always been that way and I know he really does care about me and my health issues. I signed up for membership care, though I knew it was a reach financially, because I did not want to lose him as my Doctor. Most physicians rush you along and you never feel like they really are trying to make you better. Even before I signed up for the membership service, my doctor always took his time with me and made it seem like he had all day to help. I never felt rushed. We talked about life, family, Auburn football and even religion. I consider him more than just my Doctor; I consider him my friend.“

“My Cypress Membership Physician and his staff have done an excellent job of attending to my health needs and their follow-up is exceptional. He is very focused on health and quality of life issues.”

“Love the program and the services we receive.”

“I am very appreciative of the experience, knowledge and dedication of my membership physician. He works with me as a partner for my overall health, engaging in conversations that help me maintain a healthy and productive life. I want a doctor who knows me well. Building a relationship with my physician is important; I can rely on his expertise and trust his judgment. I am thankful for my membership doctor's care of me and for my family as well.”

“The reason I valued my physician so highly before the membership practice was the amount of interest and attention he devoted to me each and every time I saw him. That has gotten even better with the concierge practice, and he's much more accessible with little or no waiting time. In terms of services, the comprehensive nature of the annual physical is outstanding. And, as a master’s athlete and fitness devotee with a long history of back problems, I have been able to get him to oversee my training and physical therapy to a point where I am running and cycling again – virtually pain free.”

“The value of my association with my Cypress Membership Physician is high on many levels, but of utmost value is the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of knowing that my health and well-being needs will be met. They will be met with professionalism and a caring spirit. They will be addressed in a timely manner and will be pursued until both my doctor and I are well satisfied. From diagnosis to treatment to rehab and/or recuperation and on to follow-up, my membership-based physician and his staff have been excellent in all aspects.”