Experience the Reward of Transitioning your Practice to Concierge

We are partners.

Physicians are working harder today than ever before. Most are seeing more patients and have more stress. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Cypress concierge medicine model reduces the size of doctors’ practices from 1000s of patients to 100s. For doctors, this means more time can be spent with each patient to determine their best path for long-term health and happiness.

At Cypress, we promote patient-focused medicine. Improve your patient’s quality of life – by improving yours. 

Practice the way you intended.

As a concierge medicine partner with Cypress, you will:

  • Have consistently more time with patients
  • Build even stronger relationships
  • Serve your patient's medical needs
  • Develop personalized wellness plans
  • Enjoy reduced patient load averaging 20-30 minutes (more if needed) with your patients per visit
  • Improve earning potential and professional success
  • Gain more time to devote to your personal interests
  • Have an increased level of patient satisfaction

Not a “One Size Fits All” Approach

We Are Selective.

Cypress is selective in which doctors we reach out to be a part of our model. You are going to have our attention. You are going to know our first names – and we guarantee we’ll know yours.  We build caring and trusting relationships with our physicians – so that you can provide the same to your patients.

We are Tailored.

Cypress provides a flexible concierge model that is tailored to the needs of your practice. We will work with you to determine which type of concierge model meets your long-term goals, the needs of your patients & practice, and what may work best in your particular community.

We Handle the Details.

Cypress’ transitions will continue for up to 16 weeks to fully prepare your practice to deliver patient care at a new level of customer service. We are highly involved and pride ourselves on handling the details of your transition – allowing you to continue to focus on the everyday needs of your patients. 

Transitioning to Concierge Medicine

Cypress has assembled a diversified team of experts from all aspects of concierge-based medical practices. We provide direction, regulatory control, ongoing legal review, and overall support. Cypress is committed to making the transition of your medical practice a complete success. Cypress does not own or manage your medical practice; we partner with you to provide a formal strategy and guidance to transition your practice. 

How do I know if my patients are ready for concierge medicine?

We want you to make the right decision for your practice, and we want to help you. Cypress has developed a comprehensive practice survey and practice evaluation designed to measure the level of interest that your patients have in concierge medicine. Once we determine that concierge practice is right for you and your patients, we will walk you through all the next steps to establishing your concierge practice. This will include helping you develop your personal and professional goals, preparing you for the transition, and answering all of your questions about what will take place as we move ahead together.

What does Cypress offer me during transition?

  • On-site transition specialists
  • Patient education and communication such as membership letters and town hall meetings
  • Handling of patient applications and inquiries
  • Train office staff to understand patient expectations
  • Full management of transition
  • Financial support

Our transition assistance and physician partnership opportunity is not bound to any particular geography. Cypress can work in any state to facilitate a successful concierge model.

What happens after the transition is complete?

This is a long-term partnership. Even after the transition is over, Cypress provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the life of your concierge practice. Upon successful completion of your transition, Cypress will work with you on a specific Growth After Conversion Strategy specific to you and your community to help grow your concierge practice. We provide ongoing new patient marketing assistance, offer a patient satisfaction survey and much more. Cypress will also provide the office with financial reporting, legal and regulatory support, and member billing and collections.

Maybe it's time to explore some of your options.

Cypress Concierge Medicine provides direction and support to physicians that wish to transition a traditional practice to a concierge type model. 

Do I qualify for concierge medicine? Are my patients ready?