I am ready. What's next?

So, you're interested in converting to a "concierge" or "membership-based" practice? You are not alone. Thousands of physicians across the country have taken the initiative to evaluate their practice for concierge medicine, and many have determined that they and their patients are ready to make this change. The Cypress’ platform has proven to be the right option for many of those physicians.

Why choose Cypress?

How much will it “cost” me?

Our fee structure is significantly lower than our competitors, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in net income to our physicians in the first few years.

What do I get from Cypress and is it worth it?

Total Transition Management Including On Site Professional Patient Liasons: Cypress places professional patient liaisons in your practice during your transition. Cypress’ team of professionals continue to maximize your transition’s membership numbers.

Growth After Conversion Strategy: Beyond the transition, based on your personal goals and capacity, Cypress establishes your growth after conversion strategy that is necessary for the vast majority of practices who convert to the concierge platform. This strategy is specific to you and continues for the life of your agreement.

Ongoing Patient Retention Strategy: Additionally, there are ongoing retention efforts and events that Cypress works with you to schedule for your existing patients.

How long am I committed to this relationship?

Commitment: Our agreements are for 5 years

What happens after 5 years? Your practice is your practice. You retain ownership of your patients. There are NO restrictive covenants at the conclusion of the agreement. Cypress has intentionally taken a more silent role in this process by utilizing your branding versus ours.

What if Cypress' services are needed beyond 5 years? Cypress offers a membership billing service that is comparable to your normal billing fees for your third party payors.

What if I am an employed physician?

Cypress works with both independent physicians as well as those who are employed.

Start the process.

Complete the form below with details about yourself, your practice, and your patients. This information will allow us to understand how Cypress can best support your practice. We will follow up with you shortly to schedule a call to discuss your plan.

(must be established serving the same patient panel for a minimum of 10 years)
(must see a minimum of 100 patients personally per week)
(if IM or FP, need to have a minimum 30% Medicare)
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