Do I qualify?

There are many qualifying factors that are needed to make transitioning to concierge medicine practice a success. Below are some basic characteristics of a typical practice that successfully transitions to the concierge model. Although these basic qualifications apply to most, there are always outlier circumstances that may apply.

Let's start with the qualifying factors:

  • The physician must be established serving the same patient panel for a minimum of 10 years
  • The physician must see a minimum of 100 patients personally per week
  • If IM or FP, the physician must have a minimum 30% Medicare

Cypress works primarily with Internal Medicine and Family Practice physicians as well as other subspecialties.

What platform is best?

The “concierge” or “membership” platform comes in many shapes and sizes and can appeal to a variety of doctors. Cypress offers two platforms. 

The “Blended” Platform

The "Blended" Platform allows a physician to maintain the patients who do not join the concierge side of the practice through the use of a Mid-Level Provider (MLP). Those patients who do not join can continue to receive their care at the practice and be overseen by the physician while the physician focuses the majority of their attention on the membership patients.

The “Concierge Only” Platform 

The "Concierge Only" Platform does not use an MLP and only sees membership patients.

"These past two years, since changing to concierge medicine, have been the most enjoyable years of my practice.  Now, I truly look forward to getting up each morning and going into my practice."

  - Dr. Michael Murray

Start the process.

Complete the form below with details about yourself, your practice, and your patients. This information will allow us to understand how Cypress can best support your practice. We will follow up with you shortly to schedule a call to discuss your plan.

(must be established serving the same patient panel for a minimum of 10 years)
(must see a minimum of 100 patients personally per week)
(if IM or FP, need to have a minimum 30% Medicare)
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