A Talk with a ‘Top Doc,’ Dr. Suzanne Turner

April 27, 2020

COVID-19: Preventive Strategies, Therapeutics, and more

By now, COVID-19 has affected all our lives in some way. During isolation, many people are moving their bodies less while eating and drinking more. These habits can have harmful effects on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Thankfully, our very own Dr. Suzanne Turner discusses COVID-19 preventive strategies, peptides, and different therapeutics to boost the immune system in her latest appearance on Dr. Eric’s Relentless Vitality Podcast. Dr. Turner was recently nominated as a ‘Top Doc in Concierge Medicine’ by ConciergeMedicineToday.org and continues to provide innovative treatment strategies and peptide therapy for her patients within her membership-style practice.

Please read Dr. Eric’s conversation with Dr. Turner below. Learn preventive strategies for COVID-19, new therapeutics, and other health practices to help you avoid viral infections.

Dr. Turner’s Updated Practice & Coping Tactics

New Practice Protocols:

Dr. Turner: “Patients are starting to come back into the office for screenings, shots, and IV’s. They are brought in one at a time. Everyone is social distancing, wearing masks, and cleaning rooms.”

Dr. Turner: “I’m trying to encourage everyone to think about the things that they’re grateful for (nice weather, birds, bugs, and plants thriving), instead of thinking about the things they’re missing out on.”

Focusing on Positive Media:

Dr. Turner: “We become overwhelmed with how much information is out there. We are often stuck in front of the television, focus on negatives, and become panicked. Advertisers get paid by the number of eyes that watch their show. The truth is, there is drug companies, politicians, and even other doctors who are vying to be the expert. It seems money-driven and is hard for me to trust. I do my own research and look to the positive side. I find something good to focus on.”

Dr. Turner: “A lot of our therapists in the area are doing online groups and online individual sessions to help people get through their anxieties about everything that is happening. My biggest prescription to my patients is, ‘stop watching the news!’ I tell them to think about all the other things you could be doing with the time you spend watching TV: playing the piano, learn French, etc.”

Recommendations for a Life in Isolation

Keeping a Schedule & Getting Exercise:

Dr. Turner: “Your patients and mine are already ahead of the curve (as far as risk for illness) because they are working on being hormonally optimized, nutritionally replete, getting back in shape, and managing stress pretty well. Even though there are no gyms, we are still physically active, avoiding toxins, and getting sleep. Even though we’re isolated, it’s important to keep our daily routines in mind and stick to a schedule.”

Dr. Turner: “Exercise is important. I’ve been doing 100 situps, pushups, dips, and squats all with a goal of less than 10 min. I also do jump squats, 4 minute HIIT exercises - 20 sec on and 10 off, - and resistance bands and barbells.”

Preparing for a Return to Normal Life:

Dr. Turner: “We’re kind of at the midway point on this pandemic, and I think a lot of my patients, because of this, are eating and drinking more, and moving their bodies less. I think this is the best time for everyone to start turning things around. It feels as though we’ve all been waiting and holding our breath – telling ourselves ‘this will be over soon, so I’ll be able to get back to my regular life.’ It’s already been about 6 weeks, so it’s probably going to be another 6 weeks. So what will you do with the remaining time you have, and how will you take advantage of the things you need to do to turn your health around before you renter the workplace and socializing?”

Preventing COVID-19 and Predictions

Preventive Therapies, Remedies, and Treatment:

Dr. Turner: “I’ve been telling people simple things, get vitamins, get sleep, keep your immune system strong. Especially if you’re doing your own preventive therapy. That’s really the answer to this. To do the things you can do because we know that the receptor that the virus likes on the cell is particularly pH sensitive. Make yourself even slightly more alkaline by one of several ways: baking soda, vegetables and fiber are very helpful.”

Dr. Eric: “A lot of people have been receptive to the Alka-Seltzer (baking soda). A simple, cheap strategy. Do you have a comment on this?”

Dr. Turner: “There’s a couple of compounding pharmacies in the area that make things for us like LDN, TA-1, pentosan. I use it on a preventive basis for decreasing inflammatory signaling chemicals, enhancing production of natural killer cells and direct antiviral effect.”

Dr. Eric: “We’ve seen people with bad lungs that have coronavirus be treated with altitude sickness medication.”

Dr. Turner: “We know that this virus affects the production of hepcidin which is an iron regulator in cells. So, this can cause the cells to put all of their iron into infection-fighting cells. Iron is the oxygen-carrying metal in cells and not enough iron can cause the tissue to be hypoxic. Iron is there, just sequestered to infection fighting cells. Now you don’t have the iron required to carry oxygen, but you also have infection cells overloaded with iron and they can’t do their normal job. Now there’s research on Pentosan, to reverse this process, and there are direct anti-viral benefits as well.”

Dr. Eric: “Are you doing any IV or vitamin C therapy?”

Dr. Turner: “We often use IV vitamin C. Right now, we also recommend injectable or oral vitamin D, plus magnesium and NAC to make sure vitamin D works effectively.”

Dr. Eric: “We discussed Alinia and nitazoxnide last time we talked. Are there any benefits with this?”

Dr. Turner: “Nitazoxanide has evidence of effect against the old coronavirus. There is 70% homology between the two so it may be beneficial against COVID-19, especially since azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine are so difficult to obtain.”

Dr. Eric: “Any other interesting therapies you’ve been reading about?”

Dr. Turner: “Our local compounder just brought us EGCG vitamin C, D, and D-DG cream for use intranasally. And of course, melatonin.”


COVID-19: Predictions & Short/Long-term Effects:

Dr. Turner: “The tough part is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Most of our benefit is in preventing the infection. The other thing we don’t know is ‘what’s going to happen with this infection later?’ ‘Are there long-term sequelae?’”

Dr. Eric: “I’m curious to know short-term and long-term effects on the public in terms of public health measures. When can we return to work? Will everyone have to wear a mask?”

Dr. Turner: “We currently don’t have enough tests to test everyone. If you look at the Diamond Princess data, it appears we should double our current numbers to include the asymptomatic patients. Of course, we don’t test asymptomatic flu cases, so this could be as virulent as influenza, just have a better PR firm, LOL.”

Dr. Eric: “Looking at the positives: the common courtesies of covering your cough, washing your hands, etc., are things we should be doing anyway. I’m curious to see the awareness this virus brings to being more sanitary. Let’s start off the spring with getting healthy.”

Dr. Turner: “Yes, I’m curious as well. It’s important for us and our patients to realize that this is the time - at midpoint - to return to our healthy activities the best we can and use the extra free time not to watch the media, but to better ourselves and practice meditation, yoga, gratefulness and use online exercise resources. We need to eat more vegetables, get good quality sleep, decrease toxic burden and optimize our immune function and cellular efficiency.”

We at Cypress are honored to have Dr. Suzanne Turner as one of our affiliated physicians. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise as a membership-style physician is highly valued and truly inspirational. Dr. Turner, thank you for your insights to keep us all healthy and safe during this unprecedented pandemic!


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“I’ve been telling people simple things: get vitamins, get sleep, keep your immune system strong. Especially if you’re doing your own preventive therapy. That’s really the answer to this.”

~ Dr. Suzanne Turner

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