The Physician-Patient Bond

August 27, 2019

What is the Secret?

Do you wish to have a deeper bond with patients? Do you feel confident saying your patients really know, like, and trust you? How frequently does your panel report that they truly have enough time to cover all their medical concerns? After a life-changing transition with Cypress, your patients will begin to feel like they’ve got a doctor in their own family.

The Formula

  • Time
  • Relationship

Time is a critical part of the equation. Changes in healthcare simply do not allow enough time in the average 7-8 minute appointment to truly connect. In this short window, people tend to leave the office feeling more like a number and less like a close friend. When you transition to a membership-style model, appointments will last between 30-45 minutes, providing enough time to create a quality, long-lasting relationship with each of your patients. You will no longer feel rushed and finally have more time to connect and understand one another.

The extended appointment will help members feel relaxed and confident, knowing they can catch up with you, while still having enough time to ask questions. Building a relationship will come naturally since you have both made the decision to invest in each other.

Key Components

  • Communication
  • Trust

Authentic communication is essential for any healthy relationship; the physician-patient relationship is no exception. Communication will become more powerful as you build your relationship. Given the extra amount of time during each appointment, patients will feel comfortable knowing they can converse with you at their pace. With more time, regular appointments, and near-immediate access to their physician, your members will rest easy knowing they are in the hands of a trusted professional.

Trust may be the most important factor in the physician-patient bond. People are putting their health in your hands. Shouldn’t they feel like they can trust you to guide them toward their wellness goals? Building trust with members will create long-lasting relationships, enhance your reputation, and help you develop a revolutionary practice.


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