Transitioning to Membership Medicine

August 7, 2019

Your Practice, Redefined

Are you a physician debating a transition to a concierge-style practice? Imagine only seeing 8-12 patients a day, less paperwork, and more time per appointment. This revolutionary model provides the opportunity for enhanced communication and a quality, long-lasting relationship with each of your patients. Rediscover your passion, get back to practicing the way you originally intended, and develop a better work-life balance. At Cypress, we shoulder the burden of your transition and create a partnership not found in traditional healthcare.

A Pristine Healthcare Model

  • Simple, 3-Step Process
  • Quality Over Quantity

The path to transition shouldn’t be overwhelming. With the help of the Cypress team, it can be the most rewarding venture you will ever enter into. It all starts with a conversation. Once you’re comfortable with our model, we will determine if a membership-style practice is a viable option for you. From Pre-Launch, to Active Transition, to Post-Conversion, we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you are stress-free, and we are doing what is necessary to help you and your practice be successful.

Did you know that the average physician in a membership-style practice only sees 8-12 patients per day on average? You will experience quality time with your patients during each visit, which typically lasts 30-45 minutes. Having extended time with each appointment will invite enhanced communication that helps to develop a personal relationship with your patients, bringing them to know, like, and trust you even more.

Preparing for Transition

  • A Fresh Start
  • Making the Right Move

When you transition to a membership-style model, you will no longer be overwhelmed with extensive paperwork and crazy back-to-back appointments. You and your patients will actually have the time to connect, understand each other, and not feel rushed to ask questions during each visit. Partner with Cypress, and step into the fresh start you and your practice deserve.

Let us be the first to say congratulations for taking serious consideration of a transition to Membership Medicine. You’re one step closer to a revolutionary model of medicine that has changed the lives of each of our affiliated physicians. Please reach out today for more information!


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"I no longer feel rushed with my patients. I have the time to listen and get a true understanding of what is going on with each of them."

- Cypress Physician

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