Concierge Members and Physicians Experience Premium Partnership

December 9, 2015

Cypress Concierge Medicine is honored to announce the affiliation between Cypress and Dr. Wassim Younes, of Executive Medical Services, in Wayne County, Michigan. Julie Robinson, Vice-President of Cypress Concierge Medicine, stated that “We are thrilled to have Dr. Younes join us on our journey as we seek to re-define the doctor/patient relationship across the United States.”

Dr. Younes was seeking a way to “go above and beyond” for his patients and feels a concierge practice gives him that opportunity. Services such as calling & speaking with the doctor after hours or perhaps asking a question via email or Skype seem like futuristic ideas but they are a current reality in a concierge based practice.

To learn more, Read, J. Rempala, (2015, Nov.30), New Medical Model Allows Premium Care for a Premium Price;