How to Talk to Patients

February 24, 2020

Enhanced Communication 101

Now that you’ve transitioned to your new membership-style practice, it’s time to master your communication skills. Connecting with your patients and building quality relationships is at the center of Membership Medicine.

Building Patient Relationships

  • Establishing Trust
  • Personalizing Treatment

A membership-style model finally gives physicians and patients the time they need to connect, establish trust, and form a relationship that lasts for years. The bond you create and build upon with your patients will encourage them to share more, which helps you gain more clarity into their health status. As a team, you will be able to work together to achieve wellness goals and improve quality of life. Patients who leave their appointment feeling understood, appreciated, and confident in their health status are more likely to return, commit to the program, and refer new patients.

One of the fastest and most simple methods of building relationships with your patients is by spending more time with them at each appointment. With a smaller patient panel and more time for longer appointments, it’s easier than ever to explore treatment strategies that are individualized to each patient. When you schedule 30-minute appointments, there will be plenty of time to help your patients feel both welcomed and “heard.” Having TIME to listen is one of the most important aspects of enhanced communication and will be your powerful ally moving forward with your new model.

Breaking Barriers

  • Showing Appreciation
  • Asking Questions

As a membership-style physician, you will enter a larger community of like-minded professionals who are solely focused on connecting with patients, achieving wellness goals, and helping them reach new levels of optimal health. Simply showing appreciation to your patients for being members of your practice will help build relationships and demonstrate your authenticity. From patient-centered wellness events to thank you cards, Cypress will partner with you to build your patient community.

Extended appointments are an excellent opportunity to practice enhanced communication and ask all the questions you need to personalize your treatment. The more your patients open up, the easier it will be to individualize their healthcare plan and get them on the road to optimal health.

If you haven’t made the transition to a membership-style model, let us be your guide to a life-changing career move. Contact Cypress today and discover an easier way to develop quality patient relationships, spend more time per appointment, and enhance your communication.


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