Why Membership-Style Medicine Works

January 23, 2020

Redefining the Patient Experience

Do you feel burnt out, buried in paperwork, and behind on appointments? You owe it to yourself to make a life-changing career move with Cypress. We have your ticket to a revolutionary practice model that brings physicians and patients closer together. With a membership-style practice, you will be able to slow down seeing 8-12 patients a day, have a dramatic reduction in paperwork, and enjoy extended patient appointments that even start on time.

Time, Relationship, Communication

  • The Healthcare Formula
  • Implementing New Methods

The reason this model works for physicians and patients alike is due to the increased time, enhanced relationships, and better communication. This healthcare formula has helped each of our affiliated physicians personalize treatment so that they and their patients are able to work together to achieve wellness goals and improve quality of life. When patients know they’ll have long 30-minute appointments to discuss their health concerns and revisit wellness goals with their physician, it begins to feel much less ‘reactive’ and more like having a physician in the family. Patients visit the practice eager to meet with their friend and confidant, not simply their PCP.

Implementing your new model is a team effort. Cypress will work closely with you to develop best practices and ensure you have the tools to deliver on the expectations of your members. Encouraging your staff to greet everyone with a smile and insisting they treat your patients as they would a dear family member will create the healthy first impression you want and leave patients feeling like part of the family. Providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your patients can be a crucial component in the opinion they form of your practice.

The Difference in Healthcare

  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Prevention Medicine

What differentiates the Cypress model from traditional medicine is a greater focus on personalized healthcare and preventive medicine. Creating a practice in which you can truly work to stop disease before it starts, implement natural remedies and treatments, and personalize care to each patient defines Membership Medicine.

With a 10-year, 98% satisfaction rating from patients, it’s safe to say this model can work for you (conciergemedicinetoday.org). All it takes is reaching out, discovering your next life-changing career move, and becoming our next success story.

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“This is the way I always wanted to practice medicine. Membership medicine gives me the opportunity to truly connect with my patients.”

—Cypress-Affiliated Physician

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