Patient Retention in Concierge Medicine

July 29, 2013

In a recent editorial by Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today, he points out the differences in retention rates of Concierge Medicine practice versus the traditional managed care/insurance primary care physician.  Are you aware that within a concierge medicine model, the average patient retention rate is approximately 92%-94%? 
We’ve found this to be true with our Cypress physicians as well! Our own Birmingham based Medical Director, Dr. Mike Murray, boasts a staggering 97%-98% year after year. All of us here at Cypress are thrilled to be able to help physicians return to practicing medicine the way they originally intended: spending more quality time with their patients and getting to know everything about them, all in a way that is nearly impossible within the current primary care physician’s practice. 
If you’re ready for a change, or would just like some questions answered, please reach out to us immediately. The time to take control of your practice, and your future, is now. And we’re here to help!