Are You Overworked, Drained And Losing Sleep? Maybe Concierge Medicine Is Right For You.

June 3, 2013

If you've ever considered making a change, you are certainly not alone. Just a few years ago, Cypress physician and medical director, Dr. R. Michael Murray, an internal medicine practitioner in Birmingham, AL was almost ready to call it quits. Like most physicians, Dr. Murray was seeing 20-30 patients a day, working 12 hour days with little time for family or to enjoy life. And now, just a few years later, his pace has changed dramatically and now he's truly enjoying practicing medicine, and his life, again.

Dr. Murray is just one of the many physicians that Cypress Concierge Medicine has helped transition to a more personalized style of medicine. By offering lower fees and tailoring the concierge model around the physician, Cypress offers something different than other transition companies. Read more about Dr. Murray’s decision to transition to a concierge practice here. Ready to work smarter and not harder? Contact Cypress today