Concierge Medicine: So Many Questions... Cypress Has Answers

June 27, 2013

In a recent MD News article, author Jennifer Webster highlights some of the challenges for physicians who are looking to make a change from the traditional primary care model into concierge medicine. One specific difficulty faced by doctors in adopting a straight Concierge Only practice model is that patients will have to find a new provider. However, by adopting the 'Hybrid' (or Blended Model, as we call it here at Cypress) physicians can keep all their patients in-house with the use of mid-level providers. 
Cypress offers physicians all three models to choose from: Straight Concierge Only, Blended, and Blocked Time models. After evaluating the practice and discussing the doctor's short & long term goals, we will work directly with each physician and make recommendations based on all considerations. And since there are pro's and con's to each model, we make sure that each of our doctors fully understand the differences before moving forward. It all begins with a conversation, so contact us today to get started.