Cypress Physician Named A Top Doctor In Concierge Medicine

June 7, 2013

Each year Concierge Medicine Today releases a list of top doctors across the United States that have not only met qualifying criteria but have also made an impact in their community, with their patients, their state and more.
Congratulations to R. Michael Murray, M.D., Cypress Physician and Medical Director, for being named one of the “top docs in concierge medicine of 2013” in Concierge Medicine Today. We are elated and honored to have Dr. Murray as a part of our Cypress family.
Dr. Murray switched to concierge medicine in 2010. With a patient load of more than 4500, he was tired and desired a more reasonable number of patients. He wanted to give patients them the time and attention they need and deserve. He also wanted a less stressful office life.  
"These past few years, since changing to concierge medicine, have been the most enjoyable years of my practice" says Dr. Murray. "Now, I truly look forward to getting up each morning and going into my practice."
Is concierge medicine right for you? Cypress can help you discover your answer.