Next Generation Membership Medicine

June 26, 2019

The Future of Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence, webcams, smartwatches, and other technology is changing the medical industry as we know it, particularly in Membership Medicine. Physicians who have adopted this revolutionary model have more time with their patients, allowing them to explore different technology and transform their practice. Today, technology works with us and is all around us. Many membership-based physicians utilize technology and digital services, reaching a large patient base while still offering a customized care experience. Continue reading to learn how you can use these innovations in technology with your smaller patient panel as a Cypress affiliated physician.

A New Medical Approach

  • Comprehensive Preventative Care
  • Patient Genetic Makeup
  • Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing

Dr. Roxanna Rhodes out of Austin, Texas, has redefined concierge-style medical care by integrating Precision Medicine into her practice. New advances in technology like genetic testing have allowed Dr. Rhodes to provide comprehensive preventative care to each of her patients based on their individual genetic makeup. Her scientifically proven sequencing techniques provide clear, personalized results with actionable information.

After a transition from a traditional medical practice model, Dr. Rhodes believes avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach and utilizing genetic testing is the key to providing personalized healthcare. For patients who want to know every aspect of their health, genetic testing is the answer. This medical approach provides detailed family health history, determines how specific drugs interact with each patient, and includes predisposition for cancer, heart disease, and more.

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Healthcare

  • AI-based Solutions & Medical Image Analysis
  • Virtual Membership Medicine
  • Wearable Technology

AI-based solutions, particularly deep learning techniques, have allowed medical image analysis to evolve to incredible lengths. Membership-style medicine is about improving patient-to-provider encounters. Digital healthcare solutions can revolutionize these encounters by enabling automated processing and AI. This technology transforms data into meaningful results, therefore, helping the physician study the patient’s body, understand behavioral characteristics, and predict disease risks.

Many of our affiliated physicians are utilizing virtual consulting to reach more patients, with their smaller patient panel, while still offering personalized care. Our physicians can gain the same comprehensive understanding of their patients, review medical records, and discuss their health and lifestyle patterns as if they were in the same room. Wearable technology like smartwatches is helping patients track their health and measure their heart rate and blood pressure. These devices are simply another tool to help your patients reach their health goals.

Whether it’s using precision medicine in genetic testing, video chatting with your patient halfway around the world, or using a smartwatch to measure their heartbeat, technology can improve doctor-patient relationships and the functionality of your practice. At Cypress, we recommend exploring all these innovations in technology with the extra time you have from your smaller patient panel, as it will bring you and your patients closer together.


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