Study reveals the most common physician dissatisfiers...and Cypress Concierge Medicine has a solution!

March 26, 2015

Over 400 physicians participated in the Physician Misery Index Study, and the results are clear - the majority of these physicans are frustrated with the business of medicine. Concierge medicine also known as "personalized healthcare" is designed to address many of the challenges physicians face today.

The list below is a sampling of the dissatisfiers identified in the article:

  • No work/life balance, and not enough control over their workdays, resulting in physician burn out.

  • Reduced ability to create meaningful long term relationships with their patients.

  • Lack of quality time with patients. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

At Cypress, we promote patient-focused medicine. Improve your patient’s quality of life – by improving yours. Experience the reward of transitioning your practice to concierge. As a physician partner with Cypress, you will have more time with patients allowing you to build strong meaningful relationships while reducing your overall patient load and improving your earning potential.

After reviewing the following article in depth we invite you to contact a member of our Concierge Medicine team to discuss how we can partner with you to transition your own practice to Concierge Medicine! 

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