Building the Right Staff is the First Step Toward Success

March 15, 2019

How Impactful Are the People You Work With?

There are many aspects to think about when consider­­ing a transition to a membership-style practice. Perhaps one of the most important variables in your long-term success is the team of people you work with every day. As the backbone of your practice, they see and hear many things you don’t. In most cases, they make the first, and last impression on each of your patients.

Considering and planning for every facet of your practice is crucial. It is important not to leave out the areas you may forget such as your staff and their behavior.

Staff Impact

  • Production
  • Reputation
  • Relationships with patients
  • Direction
  • Quality of practice

Personalized Healthcare is a revolutionary membership-style model that can change the way your patients view your practice. However, their view will only change if all the pieces in your practice fit together. Whether you believe it or not, your staff has the power to influence and shape the experience(s), for better or worse, that patients have with the practice/program. Experience has told us that some patients are afraid to tell their physician they have an issue with a member of their staff. Ultimately, they fear the physician will dislike them personally and terminate them from their practice.

Remember, a membership-style practice is all about delivering better healthcare. Cypress will not only shoulder the burden of your transition to this exciting new model, but we will also partner with you and teach you best practices to help ensure long term success and increased patient satisfaction.  

Physician Benefits

  • Less reliance on insurance reimbursement
  • Less time buried in paperwork
  • Deeper relationships
  • Enhanced patient communication
  • Healthier, work-life balance


"We should not make the experience of talking with our Doctor any less interesting than having a conversation with a close friend in our living room."

- Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, CMT

Facebook: @Michael Tetreault

LinkedIn: @Michael Tetreault


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