Cypress Doctors Make Membership Medicine “LOCAL”

May 22, 2013

Cypress Concierge Medicine warmly welcomes Dr. Eddie Richardson & Dr. Jameelah Gater to their growing team of concierge physicians! The owners of the Lake Oconee Urgent and Specialty Care, located in Eatonton Georgia, will begin offering concierge services to their patients beginning June 2013. As with any concierge physician, Richardson and Gater plan to reduce the size of their individual primary care practices in order to focus on spending more quality time with patients and preventive personalized care. In addition to being Family Physician's, each doctor has a unique sub-specialty that enhances their entire concierge medicine practice. As a Geriatrician, Dr. Richardson can cater to special needs of the ever growing 'Baby Boomer" population. Geriatrics aims to promote health by preventing and treating disease and disabilities in older adults. And with Dr. Gater's unique Integrative Medicine sub-specialty, her desire is to create a partnership in the healing process by redirecting the focus of medicine to health and healing, and to focus on the whole person including the mind-body-spirit connection to wellness. As a student of the renowned Dr. Andrew Weil, her goal is to teach patients self-help skills and provide them tools to transform their life rather than prescribing medication.  

Whether you're a patient or physician interested in finding out more information, Cypress has answers for you. Read the original article published in Concierge Medicine Today.