Concierge Medicine: Not Just For Family Medicine

May 30, 2014

According to Concierge Medicine Today, 42% of Concierge Care practices are Internal Medicine, 27% are Family Medicine and 14% are specialty physicians. What was once only available in family practices is now becoming increasingly popular across the board. Due to the changes in healthcare and increasingly more reactive based care, more and more physicians have latched on to the idea of Concierge Medicine and brought that idea to life in their practice.

Those that want to care more proactively for their patients are turning to this personalized healthcare model. Concierge Medicine allows doctors to remain in charge of the type of care they deliver without some of the added limitations from the health system overall.

Though Concierge Medicine presents amazing benefits for both patients and physicians, many doctors are setting out to add even more value to their practices by partnering with different labs to reduce testing fees and cut out the middle-man. Cypress helps physicians cut through some of that red tape and work to identify ways for doctors to grow their business of medicine.

Many physicians believe that personalized healthcare is truly the way to focus on providing the best advice and services possible while stepping away from the maze of government restrictions and allowing the patient's health to be a private personal matter between the doctor and his or her patient.


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