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May 28, 2019

How to Transform Your Practice

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely content with your practice? Cypress offers a membership-style model that has limitless opportunities. Of course, there’s always room to improve, even if you haven’t made the switch to a concierge-style practice. We are thrilled to provide you with information you can use to help make your practice thrive.

You – The Physician

  • Smile more
  • Listen more
  • Make eye contact
  • Be fully present
  • Write ‘thank you’ notes and birthday cards
  • Call and check in on patients after their visit

One of the greatest acts of kindness you can perform is smiling. Not just smiling, but making people smile. If you have a moment, acknowledge people in the reception area when you can. A simple act of kindness can help fortify your individual patient relationships. Take time to listen to your patients. Then, listen some more. Your uninterrupted attention will enhance communication between you and your patients. Mirror the message your patients are telling you. Make eye contact and remember to be fully present in the room. Finally, write a ‘thank you’ note, send a birthday card, and check in on your patients after their visit. Your kindness and extra effort will have a major impact on how often you are referred to new patients.

Your Practice

  • Clean your pens
  • Utilize personality assessments (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for staff
  • Hire slowly, fire quickly
  • Evaluate, adjust, and change constantly.

Something as simple as a dirty pen can completely change a patient’s perspective of your practice. Take time to disinfect the common areas that may get overlooked. Personality tests can help identify staff strengths and potential challenges. Choose, hire, and train your team carefully and with hospitality in mind. A membership-style practice requires an exceptional staff that is kind and welcoming toward your patients. Evaluate and change your practice when necessary. Satisfaction encourages loyal patients who speak highly of you, thereby increasing referrals.

Your Environment

  • Rethink your interior design (wall color, artwork, plants, minimizing extraneous marketing materials)
  • Invest in more comfortable chairs for your reception area
  • Pay attention to details

Your patients should have a comfortable environment when they come to your office. Everything from the reception area to restrooms, patient rooms, etc., should be considered. Consider shaping your practice to be a home away from home for your patients. Invest in comfortable chairs that you would sit in. Lastly, a patient experiences your practice one “scene” at a time. Walk through your office regularly as if you were a patient, paying special attention to the details. Make sure your staff knows the type of care delivery environment that you are striving to create. Cast your vision upon them.

We realize a practice transformation takes time, and your time is valuable. Cypress invites you to create a partnership with us that can bring your practice to new heights. We will shoulder the burden of your transition and work with you to help ensure your practice is successful. If you are seeking more time, enhanced communication, and a quality relationship with your patients, let Cypress help you regain control and transition your practice into the practice of your dreams.


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"These past four years, since changing to a concierge-style model, have been the most enjoyable years of my practice. Now, I truly look forward to getting up each morning and going into my practice."

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