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May 13, 2019

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Membership Medicine puts control of your practice back into your hands, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help it to thrive. The right KPIs can help to define and measure progress toward both short- and long-term organizational goals. As a performance measurement, KPIs can evaluate the efforts you make toward retention & growth and help guide you down the right path.


  • Patients
  • Staff
  • Marketing

Patient indicators can be the best predictor of your future success. Asking questions, reviewing patient satisfaction surveys, studying patient feedback forms, and reading online reviews are excellent methods to examine patient satisfaction. It’s critical that you not only ask for feedback but take the information gathered and make the necessary changes to ensure your patients feel heard and appreciated. Happy patients are, without question, your best referral source. So, if your goal is to grow a vibrant practice, staying in touch with what your ‘customers’ think is crucial.

Staff performance indicators will help you monitor how well your employees are impacting the success of your practice. Engaged, well-trained employees with a customer service mindset are critical to your success. Staff members who take pride in building positive relationships, treat patients like family members, and who genuinely enjoy the place they work will give you an advantage other practices do not have.

Cypress provides marketing materials you will need to help educate patients about your personalized membership model. With our expert advice and well-crafted materials, you’ll be able to share the features and benefits of a concierge-style model. Understanding which types of marketing will be most effective to spread the word of your new practice model while remaining compliant in today’s healthcare market is essential to keeping marketing costs reasonable and the return on investment high.

If you want to know more about regaining control of your practice, or you’re a physician ready to make the transition to Membership Medicine, please contact us today. We will start our process with a conversation and determine if a patient survey is the right step for you.


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"It is difficult to be successful in Concierge Medicine without an established patient base upon which knows, likes, and trusts you."

- P.H., California

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