Regaining Physician Independence

October 10, 2019

Practice How You Want

Take a moment and remind yourself why you decided to go into medicine. You took an oath to help others, but are you helping yourself? Are you overwhelmed with excessive paperwork, answering to insurance companies, and consistently running behind? At Cypress, our mission is to make your life easier as a physician. Let us be your guide to a revolutionary membership-style practice, smaller patient panel, and better work-life balance.

Redefine Medicine

  • Owning Your Practice
  • Physician Burnout

Now is the time to regain your independence within the healthcare industry. If you’re tired of complete reliance on Medicare and other 3rd party billers, we can help you own your own practice again. Nothing should stand in your way of providing quality care and time to your patients. Our affiliated physicians have less paperwork, customizable hours, and a significantly better work-life balance.

In a recent national survey by Medscape, 44% of physicians reported feeling burnt out. Three common factors contribute to physician burnout: extensive administrative tasks, long workdays, and spending hours working with patients’ electronic health records. Can you imagine leaving your office feeling accomplished, stress-free, and ready to start the next day?

Life-Changing Transition

  • Help Us Help You
  • Work-Life Balance

Our membership-style model provides more personal time to our physicians, extended appointments with enhanced communication, and a quality relationship with your patients. Individualized healthcare opens the door to new treatment strategies, technology, and precision medicine. One conversation with us can be the start of a life-changing career transition.

Our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible. From start to finish, Cypress will shoulder the burden and make sure you have what you need for your new practice model. Obtaining a better work-life balance shouldn’t be difficult. Connect with us today to take your first step toward practicing medicine the way you intended, while living the life you’ve always desired.


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"For me, the beauty of practicing in a concierge model is that it fulfills everything I wanted from practicing medicine.”

-Cypress Physician

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