What Defines a Concierge Doctor? A Philosophy of Care

September 15, 2016

What is a concierge doctor? This question is, hands down, the most frequent question we get at Cypress Concierge Medicine. It’s also the most important because within it lies a philosophical question: How should medicine be practiced today?

We believe that medicine today should focus on prevention, early detection, wellness, direct patient care and spending dedicated time with patients. These are the tenets of concierge medicine. After years of private practice, physicians who transition to concierge medicine get to return to giving patients the type of care they envisioned when entering medical school.

Dr. Rob Lamberts wrote a column for Concierge Medicine Today that thoughtfully explained a doctor’s philosophy of care. He points out that a traditional family doctor who works in private practice is working for insurance companies and government bureaucracies because it’s those entities that are solely paying the bills. Dr. Lamberts describes his concierge practice as having two main goals, “1. To get my patients as old as possible. 2. To keep them as healthy and happy as possible while they do the old-growing.”

Dr. Brian Nadolne, a Cypress concierge physician, defines his practice as “a more personal approach” to family medicine.

“Concierge medicine allows us to practice medicine the way we want to practice medicine,” Dr. Nadolne said. “[It] gives us the liberty to treat patients the way we want to be treated ourselves, but also how we want to see our patients being treated.”

In this video, he explains that a concierge doctor can take his or her medical and interpersonal skills and use them both to treat a patient. “I’m going to take my family medicine skills, my coaching skills, put them together and help patients get more healthy from wherever they are.”

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