Transition to Membership Medicine With Help From Cypress

Cypress is committed to helping physicians get back to the basics and the reason they started practicing in the first place. Explore your options to transition your traditional practice to a concierge-style model.

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What do I get from Cypress? 

A no-cost, no-obligation practice analysis, transition management (including on-site Professional Patient Liaisons), Growth after Conversion assistance, Ongoing Patient Retention strategies, and continued membership billing and legal support.

How much will it "cost" me?  

Your initial analysis is free and Cypress’ fee structure that is significantly lower than competitors, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in net income to our physicians in the first few years.

What is the free analysis?

We analyze your active patient panel by examining data points including payer mix, sex, age, patient visit frequency and household income. We provide a report including a revenue proforma and conclusion if a concierge style model will work for you and your practice.

Cypress is not a "one size fits all" approach, increasing the success of our membership model physicians. 

Cypress provides a flexible membership model that is tailored to your practice. Through our personalized transition methods, Cypress can ensure that your practice is equipped for your particular patient panel and community. Cypress is committed to making the transition of your medical practice a complete success. Cypress does not own or manage your medical practice; we partner with you to provide a formal strategy and guidance to transition your practice. 

We can help you make the transition to a membership model. Start here!